Branson Class

Welcome to Branson Class!

Our class is named after Branson class after Richard Branson. Richard Branson inspires us as he has set a number of records for long distance balloon flight including being the first to cross the both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by balloon. We think Branson is important to know about because although he struggled at school, he has gone on to achieve amazing things in both the worlds of adventuring and in business, proving that we really can all rise to our best if we work hard! 

We were even lucky enough to have a phone call with Richard Branson himself last year! We think he is great!

Richard branson 3

Adults in Branson class

The key adults in Branson class are:

The class teacher is: Mr Carr

The Learning Support Assistants are: Mrs Birkett (Monday to Thursday mornings) and Mrs Westell (Friday mornings)

Our Learning 

Each term, we share a curriculum newsletter with our parents and carers so you can find out what we are learning. Click on the newsletter link to see our learning for Spring A 2024. 

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