Our school caters for children aged between four and eleven years.

Statutory school age commences in the term following the child’s fifth birthday, under the regulations of the Department for Education and Skills.   It is the policy of this school for children whose fifth birthday falls between 1 September and 31 August of the following year to be admitted at the start of the Autumn term.

The school has a planned admission number of 15 in each year group, resulting in a maximum school population of 105 pupils. There are strict admission criteria by which the school must abide, which are available from the School Office. Parents who wish to visit the school prior to application for a place are welcome to do so. Please make an appointment with the Headteacher.

How parents and carers apply in-year for a place

Parents and carers apply for school places in-year through:

Torbay admissions When we receive an application for an in-year admission, we convene a meeting of our Governors admissions panel as soon as possible (always within 10 working days). We notify Torbay admissions of the outcome (always within 15 days) who then inform parents and carers of whether a place is able to be offered.

The Admissions Appeals Timetable 2024

Appeals at the normal round of admissions will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals on 31 May 2024. Where the application was not made in time for a decision to be made on 16 April 2024, they will be heard within that 40-day period or, if that is not possible, within 30 days of the appeal being lodged. In-year admission appeals must be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

If you have any comments regarding the policy, you can contact us at the school or

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