Blanchard Class

Welcome to Blanchard class!

Our class is named after Sophie Blanchard, who was the first woman hot air balloon pilot. She showed great grit, determination and resilience at a time where women didn't normally take these roles. We can learn a lot from Sophie Blanchard!

Sophie Blanchard was inspirational as she took over from her husband, Jean-Pierre Blanchard, who was a hot air balloon pilot after he died. Sophie decided to keep his legacy alive and piloted many balloon flights over the years, which was unheard of for a women in the 1800s!

You can find more information about Sophie Blanchard here:

Sophie blanchard

Key adults in Blanchard class

The key adults in Blanchard class are:

The class teacher is: Mrs Eley and Mrs Lawrence

Our learning 

Each half term we share our curriculum newsletter with parents and carers so they can see what we are learning in class. Click the link below to see our Spring A 2024 curriculum newsletter:

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