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Our School Values

Our Vision

At Upton St James CofE Primary School, our aim is that everyone in our school community can:

‘Rise to their best’

We have the highest expectations for all our learners and aim for them to be well-prepared for their next phase of education. Our pupils are taught to show love and respect to our local, British and global neighbours, as well as develop their own emotional resilience.  

We reflect God’s love in our community, encouraging each other to ‘love our neighbour as we love ourselves’ (taken from Mark 12: 30 – 31). We use the Parable of the Good Samaritan to deepen our understanding of how to 'love our neighbour' in action. 

Our three core values drawn from the Parable are: 


We use the concept of the road to Jericho drawn from the parable to help us understand that the road to success can have challenges but through living out the core values and 'loving our neighbour' as ourselves, we can truly rise to our best. We call this the USJ way.