Welcome to the governors’ home page!


What does the Local Governing Body do?  

Governors are volunteers who care about the school and give their time to help it to thrive and become a better place. Governors act in the best interests of the school at all time and support and celebrate its achievements. They all have different skills and experiences but the one thing we all have in common is our commitment to the school; it children, staff, parents and carers.  

The local governing body at Upton St James CE Primary School is made up of members from the Diocese and local and wider community, as well as the head teacher and a member of the teaching staff.  

 Their job is to: 

  • help set the school vision and aims, promoting a rights-respecting environment and the school’s Christian Ethos  
  • be a critical friend by supporting and challenging the head teacher 
  • monitor and evaluate progress 
  • appoint senior staff 
  • oversee the school budget 
  • oversee health and safety in the school 

How the Local Governing Body does its work 

Governors meet 9 times a year at a Full Governing Body Meeting. These meetings cover the school budget, health and safety, staffing and personnel matters and the school site as well as the curriculum, teaching and learning, performance data, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), children's attendance and safeguarding. 

Each governor takes on lead roles and visit the school regularly to focus on their area and report back. The current governors have taken on roles in Finance & Personnel, Ethos & Communication, Premises & H&S, Safeguarding and Standards & Pupil Groups. To help us do our job to the best of our ability, we all attend a variety of training courses. 

If you wish to talk to a school governor, please contact anyone of us listed below via the school office.   

Upton St James CE Primary School is part of ST Christopher’s Multi Academy Trust. Click here to visit St Christopher's website